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07:27 PM GhostBSD System Bug #80 (In Progress): Misspelling in Mate network icon tooltip


01:05 PM GhostBSD System Wiki edit: Wiki (#1)


07:38 PM GhostBSD System Feature #77 (Closed): Wi-fi
QCA9377 is not supported yet on FreeBSD, so there is nothing we can do until someone adds the supports of that WiFi t...
05:21 PM GhostBSD System Feature #77 (Feedback): Wi-fi
I did reject because there was no information on about the hardware, also we already have WiFi automation detection. ...


01:22 AM GhostBSD System Bug #80 (Not started): Misspelling in Mate network icon tooltip
01:12 AM GhostBSD System Feature #77 (Rejected): Wi-fi
Seriously? There is already a Network Manager which auto-detect network card including WiFi if it is supported. I hav...


02:18 PM GhostBSD System Bug #75: Cannot boot from usb drive
I have release RC3 and in that ISO, I have removed a file that containing some gop feature that might have caused pro...


12:35 AM GhostBSD System Bug #74: No enabled connection in a VirtualBox guest if you active bridged networking or NAT.
I did try to reproduce and some people in the Telegram group. The closest we get to your problem is the first live DV...


07:11 PM GhostBSD System Bug #73: Firefox locale switcher is not enabled and nor working after being manually installed
That might could FreeBSD ports related and not GhostBSD I look myself it is not there.
01:28 PM GhostBSD System Bug #71 (Done): LibreOffice doesn't start because of missing
Package update is now available and the instruction to fix the issue here

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