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No volume control for sound and Control Center Sound preferences don't stick

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I'm trying 18.10 for the first time, with Mate. This is on a desktop PC with a Gigabyte motherboard and an NVidia 1070 Ti GPU card. dmesg says the sound is a Realtek ALC887. Sound works, but volume control does not work. I've tried the control in the upper right of the desktop and the Control Center preference. I have my speakers plugged into the MB rear audio output.

I've notice that this preference control doesn't stick. If I change the Input and Output devices, click Close, and open it back up, they are back to the default. Also, when I change the Output, the audio I have playing (through Firefox) at the time does not stop.

My system has a number of audio channels, pcm0 -> pcm8. I have a Microsoft Lifecam (which has a microphone), an Oculus Rift (mic and headphones), the MB Realtek (front, back, digital) and the NVidia apparently has four channels (for each HDMI and DisplayPort port?).

I see that the volume control in MPlayer works. Also, the volume control in PulseAudio Volume Control works (Applications>Sound&Video).

Thank you for your work.


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I have to change libmatemixer to default to PulseAudio so not the volume control is using on the default of sysctl.

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