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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Target version
127GhostBSD SystemBugNewNormalVagrant causes GhostBSD crashes at the first time to do "vagrant up"12/02/2019 07:01 PM
124GhostBSD SystemSupportNewNormalpkg: Fail to create /usr/local/share/licenses/ Read-only file systemericbsd11/03/2019 12:42 AM
122GhostBSD SystemBugNewNormalKDE/Marble bug on version 19.1010/30/2019 11:51 PM
121GhostBSD SystemBugNewNormalKDE Bug10/27/2019 01:58 PM
118GhostBSD SystemBugNewNormalVirtuaBox does not start from icon [w/solution]10/20/2019 06:11 PM
116GhostBSD SystemFeatureNewNormalAdding scan in the the networkmgr menuericbsd09/30/2019 11:16 PM
115GhostBSD SystemBugNewNormalHostname definition10/01/2019 06:33 PM
114GhostBSD SystemBugNewNormalupdate-station does not failed update when pkg upgrade fails.ericbsd01/22/2020 01:13 AM
112GhostBSD SystemBugFeedbackNormalLive CD desktop on GhostBSD19.09-2019-09-02 starts without mouse pointer on radeon card01/11/2020 03:53 PM
108GhostBSD SystemBugNewNormalCan't load graphical desktop for fresh installed system with Radeon GPU09/15/2019 07:01 PM
105GhostBSD SystemFeatureNewNormalCertain fonts look very bad without change to fonts.conf08/28/2019 05:49 PM
102GhostBSD SystemFeatureNewNormalAdding window to confirm changes to softwares on the system with software station08/28/2019 05:58 PM
101GhostBSD SystemFeatureNewNormalAdding discription window to Software Station08/28/2019 06:29 PM
100GhostBSD SystemFeatureNewNormalAdding setup network configuration like static ip ect with NetworkMgr08/28/2019 06:30 PM
99GhostBSD SystemFeatureNewNormalFinish gbsetup it is the post installation setup to create user etc08/28/2019 06:01 PM
98GhostBSD SystemFeatureNewNormalAdding custom ZFS partition compatibility to the installer08/28/2019 06:01 PM
97GhostBSD SystemFeatureIn ProgressNormalFinish gbinstall it creating partition and install GhostBSDericbsd08/28/2019 05:48 PM
94GhostBSD SystemBugFeedbackLowkbdmap -V gives "kbdcontrol: illegal definition line"ericbsd04/03/2019 09:14 PM
93GhostBSD SystemBugIn ProgressNormalCharacter Ø shows as ? in TTY with danish keyboard layoutericbsd04/03/2019 09:14 PM
90GhostBSD SystemBugNewLowlibreoffice-*.desktop files does not contain translations04/03/2019 09:13 PM
89GhostBSD SystemBugNewNormalVim will not launch from MATE menu04/03/2019 09:12 PM
88GhostBSD SystemBugIn ProgressNormalTTY keyboard layout does not follow what is seleted during installationericbsd09/15/2019 06:57 PM
85GhostBSD SystemFeatureNewLowlibreoffice language01/07/2019 07:30 PM
81GhostBSD SystemBugNewNormalAll GNUstep apps segfault when trying to launch.11/04/2018 10:17 PM
76GhostBSD SystemBugNewNormalVirtual Box - Mouse GhostBSD 18.10 RC3 Live ISO09/15/2019 07:02 PM
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