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10:39 PM GhostBSD System Bug #18: Cannot Install From Live Disk
"EXITERROR: ERROR: Unable to locate installation DVD/USB"
At the point when this error happens, the installer try ...


05:28 PM GhostBSD System Bug #32 (New): octopkg / new repo
before we forget, this is a note to customize octopkg to point to our repos,
also we need to remove our own octopkg ...


07:43 PM GhostBSD System Bug #31 (New): write protected SD card - mmcsd driver - unable to unmount / shutdown
The card reader work fine, but it happened I have inserted a write -protected SD card (just forgot to unlock the card...


12:28 PM GhostBSD System Bug #13: ZFS setup appear to be incomplete
This is related to beadm configuration: basically not mounting /usr and /var will result booting an alternate environ...


04:08 PM GhostBSD System Bug #27: GhostBSD 10.3 MATE installation - "failed to execute login command"
I haven't seen this and I was unable to replicate: what arch are you using ? amd64 or i386 ?
It return to a text or ...
04:04 PM GhostBSD System Support #28 (Rejected): Seeder Torrent GhostBSD
This is not a bug, you are free to use our forum for discussion and question about anything GhostBSD related.
We nee...


03:47 PM GhostBSD System Feature #4: xfce4-volumed-pulse
no changes for now, we will add changes later when we will have our own repo, in that we may need to explicitly set u...


07:37 AM GhostBSD System Bug #23 (Rejected): wpa_supplicant.conf / TAB delimiter
This report originated from some feedback coming from an IRC user of #ghostbsd, some time ago.
I though it was safer...


11:44 PM GhostBSD System Bug #1 (Closed): webcamd and user group
the ghostbsd user default to wheel group, no change is needed.
09:33 PM GhostBSD System BSDCan2016_-_GELIBoot.pdf

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